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Welcome to Pompon Club, equestrian school in the Regional Natural Park of the Causses du Quercy in the south of France.
Beautiful environment, healthy air, sixteen ponies, a qualified instructor, with an eye for the needs of children, an ideal place for those who love horses and horse riding.

Pompon Club is looking for a natural interaction between man and horse.

It starts with the greatest respect for the natural needs of our ponies. If they do not have to work, they live in a herd in a hilly, natural environment with a rich and varied food.
Education is focused on discovering, developing and improving the capacities of man and horse. Mutual respect and good communication are the key.

Pompon Club takes its name from a cheerful small pony, a children's friend par excellence, who rolled on the ground with a crust of bread, having no problems being transported on the back seat of a car.

In June 1997 started in an arena of a few square meters on a camping club, under the leadership of the nationally certified instructor Saskia Stalmeier Pompon Club grew into an equestrian centre with sixteen ponies, an outdoor arena of 60 x 20 meters, a riding hall of 15 x 16 meters, cross-trail, comfortable clubhouse and al more that belongs to a good accommodation.

The spirit of the first hour, however, remained. Although the club trains for official examinations, takes part in equestrian competitions in various disciplines, in the field of education equestrian games are taking a central place.
Children learn by games as Horse ball, Pony games and Pony fun. Their enthusiastic cries resound in the hills of the Causses du Quercy, where the equestrian centre is located.
From their third , children are welcome to Pompon club where they, at their level, learn to deal with those who will become their best friends.

Among other, education is given in the following disciplines: dressage, jumping, cross, concours complet, voltige, working on the long line, but there is also the possibility to make a pleasant ride into the hills. Pompon Club is open all year. During holidays, there are special programs.

One of the highlights is the annual Gala Equestre at the end of the season, an equestrian feast for young and old people, where riders of all levels show what they have learned in the past year.

Strongly recommended: Photos/video. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Saskia Stalmeier
(speaks Dutch, German, English and French, of course)
E-mail: pomponclub@gmail.com



Tariff 2014

Séance *




3-5 years

14 €


40 €


Pony discovery

18 €

Entire day

55 €



20 €



24 €


Holiday Card: 1 Equestrian vaulting, 3 pony lessons and one pony morning for € 90

* Séance

In general it is called 'lesson' but I prefer the French word séance that goes beyond the usual lesson. A séance takes at least one hour and a half. It starts with choosing a pony in cooperation with others. Thereafter, the ponies are fetched in the pasture. Arrived home, care begins. Brushing, hoofcare and finally the ponies are saddled. Boots on, helmet on the head and there we go!
After the lesson everything have to be done in reverse order. Very young children are assisted by everything.
The most motivated riders are staying the whole day and will bring the ponies back to the pasture.